Monday, May 26, 2008

Dude, Wash Your Hands

Kids these days, right?

So I am back after a small hiatus. It's no big deal really, I am sure I have only been gone for a week tops. I don't know how all you people update your blogs so often. I suppose it is because you have something worthwhile to say whereas I have mostly drivel.

So you want to hear something disgusting? Sure you do. So I got off work this morning and I thought to myself, "You worked hard last night. I think you deserve some breakfast bud." That's right, I call myself bud. So I went to the BK (which is what the "hip" Burger King marketing guys want you to call it) and got myself a sausage biscut. Suck! I didn't misspell anything up to this point until I hit biscuit. Anyway, I got my food and went home, sat down, and started to eat. I was enjoying myself until I looked down and saw that my hand was literally black as coal from boxes I was carrying last night. I am not even joking! I looked at the biscuit and sure enough, it had black finger prints on it......nasty. Needless to say it was gross but after licking off the black stuff on my fingers I was able to enjoy the sandwich. Close call.

So my brother bought a scooter. Ask him what the name of it is next time you see him. Trust me, it is worth it. So I decided that I have no problem with people who drive and talk on their phones. I do have a problem with people who can't drive and talk on their phones. If you can't do both, pick one then. Honestly. I can do both easily, and I have only killed one person. And he was a hobo anyway so that doesn't really count. I'm just joking, sorry. He may have had a job I don't know.

So I have been doing this twitter thing. Ya'll should hook that up. Specifically sign up so that you can subscribe to Kelly's twitter posts. They are the funniest things I have ever read. Here is the last thing he wrote:

My bro is at a lan party, and his girlfriend just decides to come over and start cleaning. It just drives me nuts.

That made me laugh so hard.

So we saw that new Harrison Ford picture show(shout out to the old dude that called the Indy film that). I am gonna tell you right now that it is gonna get a lot of hate from people. Listen, I understand why you are complaining. But honestly, what did you expect? People need to be less critical about these things. Just go enjoy yourself. I thought Grandpa Ford did pretty good for coming back to this after like a billion years. If anything it was a lot better than the Rambo movie. Of course that isn't saying much I guess.

Anyone who knows me will know that I can watch this literally 24 hours a day:

Ok, I am not a mean spirited person and I don't love that just because someone gets hurt. The real gold of that video is how cool the dude tries to be after. He is like, "What? I run into crap all the time. It's no big deal. I'm outta here, you guys are all squares." Also, that dude full on runs into that glass! Oh man I still cry a little when I see that. Turn up the volume really loud for the best effect.

Weeellllpppp, guess i better be hittin' the ol' dusty trails. I really hope that I update this thing more often. I am gonna try to. But when I don't, lets just all pretend that I never said I was going to. I think the overall things i want you all to take from this are:

1. Always check your fingers before you eat.
2. Sign up for twitter @ and search for me (Marfmachine) and you can find Kelly from mine.
3. Stay in school.

Cool, cya.