Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Just Saw a Guy Eating Ice Cream in His Car

See, you all think that it has been over a month since I posted on here last. Well that is far from true. I actually posted once a day since my last post. But the thing is, my posts were so groundbreaking and revolutionary that the government actually deleted them as soon as I put them on. Big Brother, right? It's probably for the best. The world wasn't ready for the knowledge I dropped in those posts. One day.....

So that concludes the blatant lying portion of the blog that has become sort of a trademark I think. Oh what, me? Things have been going alright thanks for asking. I haven't had a lot of jobs this week so I have been extremely bored. I know what you are all thinking. "King Mark, sire, why did you not play some Warcraft if you were bored?" Umm I did! A whole bunch! But it didn't help. The problem with me being bored is that I get cabin fever and that only leads to me buying crap that I don't need. Nothing relieves boredom like spending money on useless stuff. But thankfully there are more jobs at the moment.

You know what phrase drives me crazy? Well "drives me crazy" is a bit annoying now that I think of it. But the phrase that really gets my goat(well if I had one. Note to self: purchase goat next time you are bored) is "the customer is always right." Wow, I got a little angry just typing that. Honestly people. 95% of the time the customer is wrong. Horribly wrong. I know that there was some management dork that decided that was a good business model and now we are all paying for it. Think about it. It makes no sense! "Well doctor, I know that you said that drinking anti-freeze will give me a mild case of death , but that doesn't sound right. Can I speak to your manager?" Yup, I actually had that conversation. True story. Maybe I shouldn't blame the dork who came up with that saying because the real problem is that people actually started believing it! When did we as a society start thinking we could do every profession better then those that actually do them? Honestly, I am perfectly content to let people do there jobs. Now I understand that there are exceptions to this. I know there are less intelligent people in the work force. But trust me, there are not enough to make people justified in thinking they are always right. Well except me, naturally. I am always right.

So here is the part were I say I am going to write more, but then never do. I really should just save this section of the blog and attach it to all of them. Thanks for all the nice comments from everyone who reads these. Sorry I don't reply, I just usually see something shiny and get distracted and don't do it. But you are all awesome thanks.

Well see ya, I gotta go tell someone how to do their job.

PS: If you ever wondered what a genius sounds like, here you go.