Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Releasing The Demons

Want to know what sucks? The Alliance, naturally. But what else? Food poisoning. I got food poisoning this past week from eating a stinkin' burrito from Taco Bell. Now I understand that eating at Taco Bell is essentially like playing Russian roulette; eventually your going to catch a bullet. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But how does that happen, honestly? I mean what are you doing to food that would cause such a shock on the body? I mean I could understand if I was licking the floor in some seedy truck stop bathroom. "Oh whats this then? I got sick from licking a floor? Well doc, that sounds about right." I would be perfectly ok with that. But no, I didn't get sick from licking the floor(not to say that I didn't do it, I just didn't get sick from it). I got sick from eating a burrito! I mean what was I thinking eating something from a supposed "restaurant". Well I deserve what I got for doing something so detestable if you ask me.

Well it is over now and I feel much better. But it was............unpleasant. I would describe it in detail but there may be women and children reading this. Lets just say that "sludge" would be an appropriate adjective. Let that soak in. Gross. Needless to say(a phrase which almost always precedes someone saying something.....), I am going to lay off the Taco Bell for awhile. Except for Baja Blast which happens to be the greatest beverage ever to exist on the planet. There is no way I can give that up.

On a lighter note, the Jazz are ruling some suckas right now. They beat the Hornets (number 1 team in the west) last night in New Orleans! Booya! So I could not be happier about them right now. Plus the Lakers got beat by Portland last night. So a good night for basketball if you ask me.

So many of you might not know, because I keep it a closely guarded secret and never talk to anyone about it ever, I play World of Warcraft. But not so much these past couple weeks. I know, crazy right? Just haven't felt like it. Also I am trying not to fail college. It could go either way right now, so everyone keep your fingers crossed.

I may be the worst blogger of all time. But I am of the firm opinion that it is quality over quantity. Also I am lazy. But the quality/quantity thing really. Really.

So anyway, I have been kinda busy lately so if I have dissed you I am truly sorry. Hope all is well.


This song is about Surge the drink. That is awesome.


Robyn Maughan said...

Sucks you got food poisoning...glad you are feeling better. There is seriously nothing worse than Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea and if you are like many of us who have had food poisoning I am sure it was happening all at the same time. So I have never heard of a baja drink from taco bell... I'll give it a try sometime.

You'll pass college; it's costs too much money to fail!

spintzdee said...

Don't fool yourself. No women read this blog. Oh crap just realized robyn reads it. I stand corrected. I am pretty sure you write for me in this blog

Blake from Salt Lake!! said...

Dude, I would have thought that your downfall would have been Betos,not Taco Bell!

Also, where did you find a song about Surge?!!! That's the greatest thing ever!

Robyn Maughan said...

I think I wrote my blog down wrong

you better be leaving some comments bud. hee hee

Emily told me she said something about dinner with you and me? I think it would be fun; you only know Matt from what Em tells you about him so who knows what your opinion is of him.