Monday, January 18, 2010

"Looks Like We Made It..."

Ok, this is what happened.

I was out in the yard washing the vomit off the cat when who should come strolling up into the yard but the mailman! No, no, not Karl Malone. He hasn't stopped by in a while. (Call me dawg!) This was just Roger the mailman. So I put the cat back in the shoebox and shook Roger's hand. Then he was all like, "What up money. I got a package for you." Then I was all like, "Nice! Up top!" Then we proceeded to perform the most epic high five of all time! But wait, that's not it. After the epicness that was our high five, Roger gets all kinds of serious on me. His face got all somber and his voice started to crack a bit. He was all, "Mark, I need you to sign for this." I know, right! So I signed his sheet and then I dropped this bomb on him. I was like "Dude, I thought we were friends."

So how was everyone's weekend? That's right, I am assuming you are reading this on a Monday. Deal with it. My weekend was off the chain! Eric took me on a date to the jazz game the other night. Don't worry, I didn't give it up. But honestly it was one of the greatest games I have ever seen and I once saw a dude playing chess with a squirrel so I think I know. You know who my mortal enemy is? The Joker. Uhhh....wait I mispoke! That is Batman's mortal enemy, how embarrasing! I'm not Batman! What gave you that idea; that is just silly! (*phew* that was close.) No, what I meant to say was grammar. Honestly, I am terrible at it. Oh well. The holidays were great thanks for asking. Emily was in town which was great. She makes it feel more like home when she is here. Also Blake came down which feels like a band reunion when we hang out. Love it. And yes, I did get that robotic leg that I wanted so all is well. Let's see what else awesome did I do? Hey Mark, tell them about the time you climbed that mountain and saved 30 orphans by strapping them to your biceps with dental floss! Oh no I couldn't! But how about I tell you something else?!

Not sure how many of you know but I do a comic book podcast with my brother and some of my friends. Well a few months ago we decided to make an anthology of short comics that we would all participate in. I know awesome right? Well it is getting close to being finished and we are crazy excited about it. I wrote a story for it and I hope it is good. Anyway I will keep you updated on that as I know more.

Well just wanted to stop in and check up on y'all. If you still check to see if I updated this blog then thank you very much. I know I need to be more regular. Hope all is well with everyone.

Bye Bye


PS: Do you guys remember Kids Incorporated? Ha, that show ruled.


mbn said...

you are amazing

Matthew said...

you do need to update more. I love you stories. They make me laugh! It was nice to see you over the holidays. Wish it didn't have to only be once or twice a year.

Matthew said...

I, Robyn posted that. I didn't know matt was signed in.